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A new Japanese brand hits the store: Yosuke

Well, I love shoes, yes I absolutely love shoes, especially Lolita shoes!
That’s one of the reasons we’ve originally added lovely footwear in our assortment.

One of the Japanese shoe brands I’ve loved for a while is Yosuke,
They have different collections varying from Lolita to Gyaru to Punk and many other alternative fashion styles.

However, for a small company like us, it’s a very valuable investment to get a new shoe brand in our shop.
But! We’ve risked the step in the beginning of April, and here we are!

My favourite pair is the ‘Princess in a Cage’ model.
I love how perfect it looks with Lolita and yet I feel very comfy in it for everyday wear.
The shape of the shoe gives it a classy feel to me, yet the strap design gives it a bit of an edgy look.


Next to this we have many more models in store!
It was really hard for me to pick my favorite, to be honest I love them all!
Be sure to check them out here