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We’re Summer Tales Boutique, a small and independent sewing studio for elegant and outspoken souls.

In our sewing studio, in the middle of The Netherlands, the whole process of creating garments happen under our roof. Every design gets transformed from the original sketch into patterns and carefully crafted into the final product. In our production process we strive to use all the materials and create as little waste as possible.

Our collections are heavily influenced by art and history. We want to tell a story with each collection we bring out. Our Dutch Masters Collection features artwork that would otherwise only see the inside of a museum. By translating it into a wearable form, the art is also able to be taken outside of the museum walls.

With our Nostalgia collection we’re revisiting the history of Lolita fashion itself. We take inspiration from the origin of the fashion style and think back of the pieces that initially made us fall in love with Lolita fashion. This collection is defined by tailored cuts and soft cotton lace.

Under Summer Tales we also bring out a variation of designs where we experiment with different fabrics and materials depending on the season. This includes timeless accessories and headwear as well as exceptional basics like our bloomers and bolero’s.

We find a lot of joy in making Lolita fashion accessible for everyone willing to wear it, regardless of height or size. That is why we offer custom sizing on all our collections. We strive to have a wide range of sizes in stock, but do know we can always accomodate to your wishes.

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Since we have a busy scedule with events, production and online releases our in-store stock tends to fluctuate a lot.
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Summer Tales Boutique is also available at:

Atelier Pierrot
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The Nachtwacht Collection

Slow Fashion

A few years ago I had to make an important decision, will I keep producing everything myself?
Or will I outsource the production of our collection?

The second decision meant outsourcing it somewhere else in Europe or the world, since The Netherlands didn’t have fitting options for small scale garment production. At that point in time I was also reading/watching/learning a lot more about the (international)fashion production and outsourcing felt less and less fitting with everything I learned. So I made the decision to keep production in our own studio.

That did mean a whole set of other challenges, but I haven’t regretted it so far. Our sewing studio is our happy place and sanctuary.
Over the years we’ve expanded bit by bit, adding more tables and machines since I’ve switched from working solely by myself to also becoming certified to train MBO fashion school students. I also get really energized from teaching students about slow fashion and sustainability. This has been such a fun journey so far and we’re super excited that we keep on expanding our team working on Summer Tales Boutique.

We’ve shifted from mostly making ready for sale items with very few custom size slots, to full MTO collections. This does mean the item isn’t ready yet when you order it, but it does ensure you can customize your garment in the length, colour and size. It also greatly helps in preventing over production and waste of materials.

Even though the inequality in fashion is such a big topic, such a global issue, we do want to do our best to keep making improvements. To use Summer Tales Boutique as a way to inform and excite others about slow fashion. I believe we still have plenty we can do better but I love to take you along on this journey!

We really hope you will enjoy your Summer Tales items for many years to come!

Sustainable Choices

We’ve also replaced a few of our most used materials with more sustainable options. Our cotton is GOTS certified and we’re using more and more fabrics made out of natural fibers, like bamboo and linen. Our printed polyester fabric has been replaced with one made from recycled PET bottles and it’s such a gorgeous fabric.

Our threads have been replaced by both organic cotton and recycled polyester threads. Both threads play their own part in a garment, since polyester thread is stronger than cotton thread and will prolong the durability of a garment, which we also find super important.

The inside of our garments have also changed, often lining is a bit of an afterthought, but not anymore. We’ve switched to a lining made of natural fibers, which still drapes lovely and is nice and lightweight. It’s made of waste streams of cotton production and one of my favourite things about this new lining? It’s anti-static!

Our Dutch Masters Collection is made with fabrics that are printed in The Netherlands. The company we work with is also constantly on the lookout for more sustainable fabrics and printing methods. They print digitally in the most environmentally friendly method for this printing process.

They offer a wide range of eco friendly fabrics which we can choose from. For our last collection we used Bamboo and Polyester made of recycled PET bottles.

And you know what’s also awesome about them? We can literally print per piece, meaning we don’t have more fabric than needed.

Summer Tales Boutique Nostalgia Collection Royal Stewart

Next to this we also….

Organize a yearly fashion event. We present our latest collection as well as invite other brands from around the world for a fantastic gathering of like minded souls!

Carry the Japanese brand Innocent World in our shop. We mostly provide a service for ordering with which you can save a lot of shipping and import costs.

Offer internship places for fashion students in The Netherlands and from abroad.

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