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The House of Royal Stewart

‘In my End is my Beginning’ – Mary, Queen of Scots

Our OTT version of the The House of Royal Stewart is inspired by the history of Scotland and my personal adoration for Royal Stewart Tartan. The pattern itself is so striking and we’ve combined it with various design elements. The sides of the dress have faux leather kilt closures as well as silver coloured crest buttons. At the shoulders we have draped fabric to create the illusion of sleeves. The back of the dress features a lovely corset lacing.

Our Velvet JSK version is a bit more playfull with a hint to old-school Lolita. The dress features black velvet ribbon details along the neckline and on the skirt. The JSK has a very tailored fit at the bodice and also features a corset lacing at the back.

OTT – Sold Out –
Velvet JSK – Last units available –

The Field of Burnet Roses

The Field of Burnet Roses

‘The rose of all the world is not for me.
I want for my part
Only the white rose of Scotland.
The smells sharp and sweet – and breaks the heart’
– Hugh MacDiarmid

As an accompany to ‘The House of Royal Stewart’ collection ‘The Field of Burnet Roses’ came to life.
The fabric used for the JSK design is a lovely cotton with a satin weave, therefore the dress has a subtle, luxurious shine to it. The fabric has a vertical pattern of small roses on it. The JSK features a tailored fit and is adorned with many layers of frills. The back of the dress has a lovely corset lacing. Green is not a colour seen often in Lolita, but it’s so great to coordinate with different colours.

– Last unit available – 

The Field of Burnet Roses

Summer Tales
Dutch Masters Collection

Our signature collections combining art with fashion

The Anatomy Lesson JSK

The Anatomy Lesson

The newest installment of our Dutch Masters Collection

The composition, the use of colours and light and striking details of ‘De anatomische les van Dr. Nicolaes Tulp’ by Rembrandt van Rijn made us fall head over heels in love with it. This masterpiece features an anatomy lesson from the Amsterdam Guild of Surgeons, this took place on the 31st of January 1632. This was permitted once a year and was painted by a still young Rembrandt at the time.

For this collection we’ve decided to pair up with a fabric printing company based in The Netherlands. They use a environmentally friendly method of printing the fabric. Next to this we can order the fabric in just the right quanities, so there is nearly any waste of materials. The fabric itself is both smooth and soft to drape but of a nice thick quality.

– Sold out – Not available for re-order –

The Anatomy Lesson Onepiece
Luxurious Love Oopjen Skirt

Luxurious Love

Our Luxurious Love collection features two masterpieces from Rembrandt van Rijn. The couple Oopjen and Marten are featured in this collection. The collection combined the beautiful portraits with lovely chiffon ruffles and details. The JSK’s came with a back bustle and corset lacing.

New skirt version available in limited quantity

Luxurious Love Long JSK Marten
Bartholomeus Collection, part of our Dutch Masters Collection, picture credits Miradel


‘Schuttersmaaltijd ter viering van de Vrede van Munster’ (‘Banquet at the Crossbowmen’s Guild in Celebration of the Treaty of Münster’) by Bartholomeus van der Helst is featured in this collection. The painting itself is a impressive guildpiece and the full width of the piece is featured on the skirt part. The bodice of the JSK’s also show details from the painting.

– Sold out – Not available for re-order –

De Nachtwacht

De Nachtwacht collection holds a very special place in our heart. It’s the very first release from our Dutch Masters collection where we intertwined Dutch history with Japanese fashion.

De Nachtwacht was released as a long version JSK. It was a bit different from the regular Lolita sillhoutte, but it worked great to show the print in its full glory!

– Sold out – Not available for re-order –

Summer Tales

A selection of our work in the past years

Audelia Hat

As an addition to our headdress selection we’ve created our first hat design.
‘Audelia’ means strenght and nobility and it’s fitting for such a statement piece.
The hat is adorned with different bows, feathers and chiffon details.

The Audelia Hat had a small run pre-order and is sold out.
We won’t be making this exact model in the near future but will focus on new hat designs.

– Sold out – Not available for re-order –

Sakura Collection

Each year we release a small run of Sakura themed jewellery in spring time.
The jewellery pieces are made by hand, pouring various layers of resin whilst adding details.
Every year we switch up the design a bit and/or add new designs to the collection.

– Sold out – Will be available again Spring 2021 –

divine devotion jumperskirt

Divine Devotion

Inspired by old-school Lolita made from soft cotton satin fabrics.
The custom embroidery on the JSK is the real eye-catcher from this collection.

– Sold out – Not available for re-order –

Feathers & Frills

Made from layers of soft striped chiffon and was available in both black and navy.
This design premierd at our Feathers & Frills tea party in 2017.

– Sold out – Not available for re-order –