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‘De Nachtwacht’

One of our highlights of the past month is the presentation of a new dress in our collection.
Inspired by the rich Dutch art history, ‘De Nachtwacht’ from Rembrandt has come alive from sketch to reality!

The JSK is extra long to give the print the room it deserves, the skirt part features the famous painting.
The bodice features extra details from the top of the painting and matches perfectly with the rest of the dress.
It also has pretty lace with flower and cross details in them. On top is a folded luxurious velvet bow.

At the back you have full shirring, making it comfortable to wear and suitable for a wider range of sizes.
The fabric is soft and light, giving it an airy feel when wearing. Perfect for the summer weather!

We have a limited availability of this design, we most likely will make around 5 pieces of it!
At Japan Expo we will have only one of these dresses with us, so be sure to take it with you if it has enchanted you as much as it has us.

If you want more information about ordering this dress, be sure to send us a message to: