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Frequently Asked Questions

We strive to make your frilly shopping experience as perfect as possible. In doubt on how to order with us? We have many answers to your questions below.

How to Order

How can I order at the webshop?

Ordering in our webshop is easy peasy!
Go to the page of the item you would like and add it to your shopping basket.
Some items might have different (colour) options, be sure to choose the right option when putting the item in your shopping basket.

After you have you chosen the items you would like, you can easily check out!
Just fill in your shipping address and choose your payment method.
After the payment we will start processing your order.

The item is MTO, what does this mean?

This item is made to order, meaning it will be custom made for you.
Therefore you can choose between different colors and even custom sizing.
Please allow between 2 to 4 weeks production time MTO items.
The exact production time is stated with the item you are ordering.

Once the item has been produced, the order will be shipped and you’ll be notified.

The item is 'available on backorder', what does this mean?

If an item is available for backorder, it means it’s not in stock at the moment.
It is possible to order this item, it means we have the materials in our sewing studio to make the item for you.

The production time varies between items but is mostly between 2 to 4 weeks.
You will be informed when the order is ready and will be shipped out.

Payment methods

At the moment we have two different payment methods:

1. PayPal
When finalizing your order you can choose to pay trough PayPal.
This is an easy way to pay, and you will receive your order confirmation instantly.

2. Banktransfer
For customers in Europe it is possible to pay trough banktransfer. Please note: You need to transfer the money yourself, you will not be redirected with our website. After confirmation of the payment we will ship the order.

We recommend paying with PayPal, since you will receive the confirmation faster and your order will be shipped earlier.

When will my order be shipped?

After receiving your payment we will make your order ready for shipping.
We strive to pack and ship your order on the same day we have received your payment.
Sometimes this may differ a day when we receive the payment later on the day.

I've placed my order, but haven't receive an update?

On busy days it may occur that we pack and ship your order, but it isn’t manually updated within our digital order process.
No worries, if we have received your payment, you order will always we be shipped the same day or the one after.

Do you offer custom sizing?

We offer free custom sizing on the garments from our Summer Tales collection, not on our Summer Poetry collection.
If you are interested in custom sizing on one of our garments, please send us an email to

Please note that we do have a production time for custom sized items, we will inform you on this when placing your order.

Do you offer custom commissions?

We don’t offer custom commissions anymore,
We do offer custom sizing on our garments from the Summer Tales collection.

How Can I Return A Product?

If you are not satified with your order or an item has been shipped wrong, please let us know trough email first at

Within 14 days after receiving your product it is possible to return it to us.
After we have received the returned product, we will refund the order amount within 7 working days.

Please note that some items cannot be returned because of hygienic reasons. For example: wigs, tights and socks


What Shipping Methods are available?

We ship our products with PostNL, a Dutch mail service.

Due to the global pandemic we’re only shipping with track & trace at the moment.

Depending on the items you are ordering and your location it will automatically choose the right shipping method (package or envelope).

How can I track my order?

You can track your order on the following page: Follow your Order

Just simply type in your order ID and the emailadress with which you’ve placed your order.

With the tracking code you can follow your order at:

Innocent World

I would like to reserve items from an upcoming release, how do I do this?

It’s best to email us at:
Please let us know in which items you are interested and what size you regulary have at Innocent World.
If you don’t know your size, please send us your measurements, we can advise you which size to choose.

If you want a jumperskirt, onepiece or skirt, please let us know a second colour choice or cut of dress as well.
It might happen that some items are already sold out before the regular reservation starts.

If you place an order with us for Innocent World, it is final. Our policy in this is in the same line as Innocent World’s online policy.
Returns are not accepted unless it regards a constructional fault. We cannot accept returns when the size is wrong and or when you for example don’t like the colour of the dress.

Can I also order in stock items and why would I order Innocent World trough Summer Tales Boutique?

Yes, it is totally possible to place an order with us for something that Innocent World has in stock in their webshop.
When ordering trough us, you can save a lot of money on shipping fees and customs, if you are based in Europe.

Please send us the following information:

URL of item:
Item code: (You can copy and paste this from the Innocent World website)
In the case of low stock, please send us a second preference.

You do not need to pay any customs and if you order above €50 (in The Netherlands) or €75 (in Europe) the shipping is free!

If there are items you would like to order, please send us a message to:

How much does is cost to order Innocent World?

To give a indication about the price we have the following example:

A jumperskirt is for example  22,800 yen (without tax) and 24,624 yen including tax.
This jumperskirt will cost €246 to order with us. This is including shipping to our store and your home address.

If you have any questions about how much your order is going to cost, please contact us

Can I also order from the sale section of Innocent World?

Yes, this is also totally possible,
However, please keep in mind that sale order usually take a longer time to process by Innocent World (between 2~4 weeks), and it might also take longer for it to reach our shop. The prices of the sale items are calculated a bit different than the regular collection from Innocent World.

Have any questions we didn't answer?

Send us a message to